Caprice Naturals

Packaging for Colgate-Palmolive LATAM / Project in collaboration with Curve ID

The Caprice brand is a successful line of hair care products in Latin America and its increasing popularity has created growing demand for the product. With this in mind, we sought out to establish an iconic form that defined the brand and features that could be incorporated into different form factors, such as bottles with and without handles.
After several rounds of sketching, we developed a refined set of grooves that travel along the sides of the bottles and define the bottle’s silhouette. The three-dimensional form can be scaled to different bottle sizes and is complimented by the design of the labels. It’s a versatile idea that can be incorporated into the diverse line of hair-care products that Caprice has to offer. This iconic design now allows the Caprice brand to have a unique and refined look that stands out on the store shelves

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