The Framed Collection

Framed poly-carbonate Luggage collection for Arlo Skye

The Poly-carbonate Collection was Arlo Skye’s first to be engineered in a lightweight makrolon polycarbonate shell with a micro-textured surface and an aluminum-alloy trim. Also we ensured a smooth and quiet run with Silent Run Lisof Japanese wheels that are 15% quieter than counterparts. For the launch of the range we teamed up with Sight Unseen to design a limited-edition Sage Color, luggage collection that’s as much about creating a visual statement as it is about getting you from point A to point B. The interior lining graphics in a muted-pastel tones were designed by the Helsinki-based illustrator Antti Kekki.
The The Check-in received:  
Platinum A’Design Award in Fashion and Travel Accessories 2019
The sizes
The framed Poly-carbonate Collection comes in three sizes: The Carry on is 22 inches and completely compliant with major airlines sizing requirements. The Bigger Carry-On is 23 inches, gives you a bit more room to pack and its still compliant with most international flights in bigger planes. The Check-In is 27 inches and perfect for 2-3 week trip.
Photography Courtesy of Arlo Skye

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