Concept home-biodigester - Winner Haceb Proyecta 2012 Design Contest

think about this...
65% of the of the world´s waste is organic material. What if we take advantage of this and convert waste in savings for everyone, the planet, the users.
This system aims to be a complement of a house-hold gas system, not to replace it. The system decides whether to use bio-gas or domestic gas, depending on the internal gas level and organic waste in the container. The main material for the construction of the device is bio-polyethylene extracted from sugar cane ethanol, a great and abundant renewable source in Colombia. This type of polyethylene emits less CO2 than its counterparts from oil. The Bio-Polyethylene is biodegradable without losing its resistance and molding characteristics. This device incorporates an LED display that informs the user of the biogas levels, the amount of composted material and the micro-organism levels in charge of the fermentation.

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